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Microsoft word document convert in PDF file has been described for Microsoft office 2007. We know that Microsoft Corporation has added this PDF system in Microsoft office 2010. But it’s possible to convert office file in word to PDF in office 2007. I have added a add on with Microsoft office 2007 to convert office word, Excel in pdf file. For this reason we will be not used any online PDF converter or PDF converter software. It will do the work in offline.  Now How to convert word file in PDF? Following these instructions:


Step 1: Click the download link to download PDF or XPS file for Microsoft office 2007.

<<Download PDF or XPS>> 

Step 2: After completing the download then Install this software to convert your document file.

Step 3: Now press Run to install PDF or XPS

File convert In office 2007

step 4: select License agreement terms and click continue to install Microsoft office Add on.


Step 5: Press OK to complete the software installation.

Step 6: Now select office button. Follow the picture to understand properly

PDF in office 2017

Step 7: After selecting office button then gently the cursor of mouse keep on save as option to watch PDF or XPS converter option.

Step 8: There is PDF or XPS option in here to convert your document in PDF or XPS.


Step 9: This add ons complete to convert Microsoft office document in PDF. After completing your document then click save as and choose PDF or XPS file. Document file will be converted in PDF file.


               If don’t understand clearly, watch the video 



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