2018 03-02

Save File without printing

Save printing file in PDF by using Google chrome. As we have no printer machine in home or others place then you need to print this file but you are not being able to print it and there is no download option in the website. Now how will you save this file without printing? There are some website in the world where are not download option without printing. That means you have to print file directly from website. Please follow these instructions below…………

At first click on print option or press Ctrl+p from keyboard. After pressing this option you will appear a chrome printer preview.


If you have not any printer then it will be saved in Microsoft OneNote. It’s a defaults option. You can change Destination. Besides there is printing option Such as layout, Color, Paper Size etc it can change as your wish.

For changing Destination press change option.

Save PDF file


Notice the picture there are many options to change destination. Select save PDF option then your document file will be saved in PDF file.


save pdf file from chrome

N:B: we can use Microsoft OneNote. When it will be printed this file then there will mention date and time. If you want to avoid it then save any file in PDF.

Now Select Save as Pdf option and Save the file as pdf without printing.



2017 11-07

Convert document word to PDF

pdf convert




Convert document word to PDF in office 2007 by using add-ons. We know that Microsoft Corporation has added this PDF system in Microsoft office 2010 for making word to PDF file although it is easy to convert file word to PDF. But it’s possible to convert office file in word to PDF in office 2007. I have added an add-ons with Microsoft office 2007 to convert office word, Excel in pdf file. For this reason we will be not used any online PDF converter or PDF converter software. It will do the work in offline.  Now How to convert word file in PDF? Following these instructions:


2017 05-12

Windows Setup through USB flash


windows installation through usb flash

We will setup windows 7 in Laptop or desktop computer by USB flash. But maximum computer user can not setup or installing windows 7 by USB flash drive. We got many ideas from many websites about setup or install windows 7 from USB flash drive. Sometimes it works or not. I will describe How to install or setup windows 7 by USB flash. It’s very simple task. There is no use any software to setup windows by USB flash drive. Windows 7 & windows 8 install process are same. Follow the instructions:


2017 05-10

keyboard language change


keyboard language change



Sometimes we need to change keyboard language or Layout to do the work. Everybody we know that we can use multi keyboard in windows operating system. There are so many language in windows 7 such as: Arabic, Bangla, Chinese, German, Turkey etc then we can setup or change keyboard layout. But don’t know that How to change keyboard language or layout. I have given some instruction below:

2017 04-14

Windows Setup Process

Windows Setup Process

Computer windows setup or installation process is not difficult in Laptop or Desktop computer. It’s a simple task, but somebody knows it as a difficult task. I will describe step by step about windows 7 setup that “How can you setup windows in laptop & desktop computer?” Window 7 and windows 8 installation or setup process is same. If you can setup windows 7 operating system then you will be able to setup or install windows 8 os. It is a basic idea for installing computer operating system. This process is same for Laptop and desktop computer. Notice my instruction which I given below-